About Us

Inspired by the learning environment of the world's greatest soccer players, we embody a philosophy of street soccer - the heart and soul of the beautiful game. In everything that we do, we challenge the soccer status quo by creating player-centric products and experiences that are more inspiring, enjoyable, and beneficial. We blend the physical with technology to digitize, gamify, and socialize soccer - making it more immersive, stimulating, and fun. Our guarantee is players will love the game more and play it better. GSS is a brand born from street culture that connects and represents a tribe-like global community.

The GSS team came together due to being frustrated by the rigidity and lack of creativity in conventional soccer playing experiences. We have dedicated our lives to bring to market products that change the game for the betterment of the players. We believe in giving the game back to the young people and creating a world that they would elect to play in.